Second Best Recipe for St. Patrick's Day
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To accompany our last weeks recipe, here is a great dish for the spirit of St. Patricks Day: Soda Bread

Best St. Patrick's Day Recipe Australia
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St. Patrick's Day is on the following weekend. Get all your shopping done this weekend to create the best meal without having to rush!

Perfect Christmas Turkey
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Christmas turkey with onion and sage pork stuffing

Autumn Lamb Recipe
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Super easy Autumn Lamb Shoulder Recipe

Slow cooked lamb by Keith O'leary
4 Vote

Keith O'leary, head chef at the Royal Oak Hotel Balmain sharing his personal favourite: a slow cooked lamb shoulder with greek sallad, yoghurt and garlic sauce.

A healthy start – crunchy fruit sticks
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A new year and a clean start! Start your morning with a fresh fruit sticks!

Roast turkey a la Byron Bay
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Roast turkey is a personal favorite on the christmas table. This is my number one way to make it. Enjoy!