10 Tips for creating the perfect picnic

  1. Think about a theme, then you can think about what sort of items you can bring to make it extra special.
  1. Think about your menu, is it going to be all Mexican, a cup cake theme, romantic or morning high tea etc
  1. Then you can think of what items you have or maybe go out a purchase to create the theme 
  1. Think about creating different heights with say a cool little stool or table (low laying is best for picnics) to display 
  1. How do you want to serve everything? in the dish is was cooked / baked in (think about cool baking trays, casserole pots, wooden chopping board, cheese board, graving platter or pottery / platter you got on holidays in France :)
  1. Estimate how much food you are going to eat / portions, save on any waste and bringing food back home 
  1. Think of some cool games to play (Bring a board game, scavenger hunt, hide and seek or three legged race)
  1. Storing, Cooling & Heating, 
    1. Hamper basket, cardboard box, esky, wooden box
    2. I use the cold packs you can freeze the night before and saves any ice melting everywhere 
    3. i use Gasmate portable BBQ https://www.bcf.com.au/p/gasmate-travelmate-deluxe-ii-butane-stove/600617.html
  1. Want to make it extra special / romantic, bring candles, cushions, blankets, wine bucket, luxury items, cheese board, grazing platter and watch the sun go down 
  1. Clean up, What extra to bring 
    1. Plastic bags to throw away any rubbish, tea towels, paper towel, 
    2. Sunscreen, mozzy / fly spray, hats, serving wear, knives, cutlery. Have fun 

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