Slow cooked lamb by Keith O'leary

Slow cooked lamb by Keith O'leary
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1 Lamb Shoulder 
Garlic cloves 
2 punnets Heirloom tomatoes 
1 eschallot finely sliced 
1 cucumber cut into batons 
2 lemons 
Black Olives 100g
1 small tub Persian Feta
1 small tub Greek yogurt 
Black Pepper
Sea Salt
Good Olive oil 

1 Lamb
Rub Lamb Shoulder in olive oil, season, place in a baking tray with liberal amount of garlic and rosemary. Tightly cover with foil,
Place in a hot oven and turn down to 160, cook for 5-6hours until meat is very tender.

2.Greek Salad 
In a mixing bowl toss heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, eschallot, & olives with lemon juice, olive oil,  
salt & pepper. Top with Persian feta & sprinkle with sumac.

3. Yogurt & Garlic Sauce 
Pound 6 cloves of garlic with sea salt in a mortar & pestle add to yogurt.



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